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Beat the heat in Southwest Florida by jumping in your very own resort pool. Host backyard barbeques, watch the kids spend their summers swimming, or just enjoy a cool evening dip.

Worried you can’t afford one? Stop!
Our Backyard Resort Pool maximizes every one of our Jackson Pools swimming pool options, offering you the most pool for your money.

Our Backyard Resort Pool Features:

  • 448 sq. feet of swimming area
  • Depths from 3.5′ to 4′-11″ to 3.5′
  • 425 sq. ft. of decking
  • 48” high perimeter aluminum railing

Bring new life to your home, from your
Dreams to Reality

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Bring new life to your home, from your Dreams to Reality

  • Engineered using grade 60 rebar and 4,000 PSI concrete
  • Plumbing that is integrally poured into the concrete shell
  • Cleaner construction process
  • Super-efficient recirculation return system using maximum surface skimming action designed for even flow and heat dispersion minimizing the cost of heat, as well as
    maintaining chemical balance
  • High flow skimmer that keeps pool surface clean 24-7
  • Gravity flow main drain for safe VGB compliance
  • Low energy high flow recirculation pump
  • Low wattage LED lighting
  • PVC valves
  • One overflow line which can be used for future autofill line – potable water hook-up by owner
  • Beautiful long lasting interior finish
  • And of course, the “Original” Jackson name

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