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Beat the heat in Southwest Florida by jumping in your very own backyard pool. Host backyard barbeques, watch the kids spend their summers swimming, or just enjoy a cool evening dip. Get your dream pool turned into a reality!

Worried you can’t afford one? Stop! Our Fun Pool Package is designed to be cost-effective, maximizing every one of our Jackson Pools swimming pool options, offering you the most pool for your money.

Our Fun Pool Package features:

  • 448 sq. feet of swimming area
  • Depths from 3.5′ to 4′-11″ to 3.5′
  • 425 sq. ft. of decking
  • 48” high perimeter aluminum railing

Financing options available.

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What do You Get
with a Jackson Pools
Swimming Pool?

  • Engineered using grade 60 rebar and 4,000 PSI concrete
  • Welded reinforced steel
  • Plumbing that is integrally poured into the concrete shell
  • Cleaner construction process
  • Super-efficient recirculation return system using maximum surface skimming action designed for even flow and heat dispersion minimizing the cost of heat, as well as maintaining chemical balance
  • High flow skimmer that keeps pool surface clean 24-7
  • Gravity flow main drain for safe VGB compliance
  • Low energy high flow recirculation pump
  • Low wattage LED lighting
  • PVC valves
  • One overflow line which can be used for future autofill line – potable water hook-up by owner
  • Beautiful long lasting interior finish
  • And of course, the “Original” Jackson name